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Dining Room Lighting

When a restaurant is reviewed by a critic or everyday consumer, one of the points that’s usually touched upon is the ambience. And quite often, this has most to do with the lighting. While you’re probably not decorating your dining room similarly to a five-star restaurant, the ambience and lighting in your home is certainly important. The ability to dim and brighten lights is, of course, important, but it’s also imperative to have light fixtures that help set the mood that you’re trying to create. When you shop with us at west elm, you have myriad choices when it comes to mid-century lamps, lighting and other modern styles. For a unique and elegant feel, choose anything from chandelier to pendant lighting to accentuate your dining room.

Choosing Perfect Pendants

When it comes to dining room fixtures, pendant lighting is perhaps the most common choice. Slightly smaller than a chandelier, a pendant light (or lights), hangs from the ceiling, and produces either ambient or bright light, depending on the globe and fixture type. When you’re shopping mid-century and modern styles, you’ll find a lot of accentuated, definitive lines when it comes to lighting styles. Look for long, LED tubes, or curved or egg-shaped pendants that may resemble an orb. Open-weave pendants are a perfect choice to light up the dining room, while pendants with clear glass globes offer opulence, elegance and brighter light. If you’re outfitting your kitchen with lighting as well, cylinder-shaped, sleek metal pendant lighting works well to direct light on certain areas you may use most. To match, you can also install similar lighting in your dining room. As pendant lighting typically requires professional installation, you can have your electrician or lighting expert install pendants with a dimmer switch so you have more control over your lighting.

Trying Cool Chandeliers

Chandeliers are also a top choice to light your dining room. You may want to save larger, more bold chandeliers for your entryway or foyer, but a mid-century, modern chandelier looks wonderful atop your dining room table. Forget the old ideas when it comes to classic chandelier types - modern styles allow you a lot of leeway, with multiple glass cylinders, round globes, burst and multi-light chandeliers. You also have your choice of regular, tiered chandeliers, but with a modern touch (such as capiz or waterfall chandeliers). Similar to pendant lighting, you may want to install these along with a dimmer switch when it comes to controlling the light in your dining room.

Adding Stunning Accents

Once you have the lighting and mood set, it’s time to think about adding accents and decorating your dining room. One of the finest and simplest touches to add when it comes to your walls is adding some large mirrors. Perfect for dining room ambience, add mirrors on the opposite walls facing your dining room table, or directly in front of the table. A group of large mirrors also does well on the outer wall of your dining room, or placed on the floor in a leaning fashion. Not just for entryways or foyers, large modern and mid-century-styled mirrors offer elegance and artfulness, especially when it comes to asymmetrical styles, mirrors with etched edges and framed mirrors. In addition to large mirrors, also think about wall art or prints for your dining room. For a polished look, try to match the wooden furniture in your dining room, such as china cabinets, buffets and sideboards to the frames on your mirrors or wall art, such as espresso with espresso and cherry with cherry. To give your dining room a bit of a larger look, add white or off-white coloured window treatments and light-coloured rugs to expand the look of the room.