Mid-century Living Room Furniture

Futuristically classic, sometimes straightforward and often unexpected, mid-century furniture makes a definite design statement while complementing your personal style. Its signature lines are architectural and utilitarian, transforming pieces of furniture into works of modern art. This style is known for blending dramatic and durable materials such as wood, metal and glass with sleek, almost geometric shapes. If you’re interested in incorporating this style into your home, it’s easy thanks to the natural materials that frequently appear in mid-century-style pieces. The mid-century modern furniture we offer at west elm includes an array of options that’ll enhance your living spaces.


Bring organic, linear shapes to the space where you relax with a mid-century modern sofa and a round side table. The pieces in our sofa collection typically feature straight backs and arms that create the ideal backdrop for colourful throw cushions and blankets. Sturdy yet spindly wood legs are also common on these pieces, lending some natural texture and extra visual interest that stands out against the solid, angular cushions and backs of mid-century sofas. If rectangular or square shapes aren’t what you have in mind, choose a swooping, futuristic sofa with a rounded back.

Whether you want to match other seating with your sofa or use it as an opportunity to blend mid-century looks with more traditional pieces, chairs offer an ideal way to do both. Available in many of the same shapes and fabrics as our sofas – including leather and retro-weave upholstery – our chairs provide the same clean lines. Pair modern swivel ottomans that have a light and airy feel with your sofa or chairs to beckon anyone to kick back and relax.


Mid-century looks aren’t just for upholstered pieces. Enjoy the same geometric lines from our statement-making media storage furniture. Choose a coffee table with a decidedly retro feel that resembles leaves of clover, or go for something even sleeker and topped with glass to lighten the room. A mid-century TV stand keeps a low profile in your living room while concealing your electronics behind smooth sliding doors or in long, flat drawers.

Mid-century office chairs, desks and tables will inspire you in your workspace. Our selection of full-sized desks, smaller mini desks and wall desks fit any space. A mid-century wall desk helps you turn an underutilized corner of your living room into your new office. Attached directly to the wall, this type of unit combines with storage pieces to contain clutter and store files. The mid-century styling of these pieces makes it easy to display favourite pictures and decorative sculptures that warm up the room.

Mid-century modern furniture harmonizes beautifully with pieces of almost any other style. See for yourself how the sleek lines this style is known for can pair with the pieces in your home that you already love.