Accessories Sale

Accessories can make all the difference in a house makeover or a room re-do. Keeping the same furniture and adding accessories on sale is easy on your wallet too. So you’ll have plenty left over to entertain your friends and family in your newly decorated area. Decorative cushions and colourful throws are a simple way to make a sofa or chair stand out. Drape a throw over the back and toss some embroidered cushions across the back, and you’ve already created a new look. Add a comfy pouf to a room that needs an extra seat.

By placing faux botanicals throughout your home, you’ll add natural life to the environment without the maintenance. Dried succulents, palm leaves and tree branches provide dimension and texture to the decor. Dried eucalyptus is elegant in a tall vase place prominently on a fireplace mantle. Boxwood topiaries never need pruning and look fabulous beside a front door, either on the outside porch or inside the foyer.

Finding the right rug for a room is a great trick for redecorating. We offer a wide variety of rugs at west elm to allow you to make the most suited choice. Moroccan styles are classic. Distressed hues and muted tones blend in subtly. Or go for the wow factor and try a retro shag or a bright wool rug.

Lighting accessories are practical and functional to literally shed some light in the dark. But, they are also quite decorative and can enhance your home. Wall sconces give off a soft ambient light and are ideal in dark hallways or stairwells. A chandelier is an elegant light fixture hanging over a dining room or kitchen table. They also make a bathroom feel upscale when hanging over a claw-footed tub or over a vanity. Put some table or task lamps where you might be reading or working at the computer. Contemporary styles, traditional and eclectic lamps complement your motif. Tripod designs look architectural. If you have limited table space, floor lamps look great and work well to provide necessary lighting.

Candles emit a little light but reflect a hospitable vibe. Scented candles work well placed on a shelf in a bathroom or on a coffee table in a den. Group candles of varying heights and sizes together on a tray to add dimension. A few candles in the kitchen can hide cooking odors, like strong onions, a batch of collards or tons of garlic in a recipe. And make sure to have a few on hand for a candlelight dinner. Flameless candles can accent bookshelves and are safe to use in the bedroom or anywhere. Choose decorative candles to showcase throughout your home.

Hang mirrors in obvious rooms, like bathrooms and bedrooms for primping and getting ready each day. In not so obvious rooms, like a den, living room or study, they reflect areas of the room and add depth. Small areas look larger. Mirrors are so beautifully designed now that they are similar to artwork on a wall. Asymmetrical designs are funky, emerald cut wall and floor mirrors add character. Overlapping diamond and square shaped mirrors are awesomely old school. Peruvian artisan mirrors grouped together on a wall are absolutely stunning.

Artwork is a wonderful accessory placed throughout your home. Express your personality by hanging modern, reflective or hippie types of art on the wall. They are great conversation starters and you only need a few. Choose the colours, textures and sizes that you need. A pastel canvas softens a bedroom. Metal sculptures enhance a living area. Bright paintings could liven up a dining room or den. There’s no end to the possibilities in the creative art world.