Limited Time Offers


It is a good idea to check our items on sale regularly so you won't miss out on the chance to purchase any of our offerings that you have set your heart on at a discount. Items on sale here includes selections from most or all west elm product categories including furniture pieces or sets, window treatments, rugs, bath products, lighting, tabletop and kitchen items, bedding and pillows. Whether you are looking for items for your home project or as gifts for someone dear to you, terrific deals abound with our fine selection of on-sale products.


Products that are on clearance sale means that they will no longer be available soon, and you have the chance to purchase them while they are still in stock. Although they may still show up in our inventory later, you can grab the opportunity to acquire them at a lower price. Apart from those already mentioned, clearance sale items also include wall decor, mirrors and shelving. Our clearance category also features closeout sales on rugs, bedding, windows, bath items and pillows. Even if you are working on a limited budget, our clearance sale has deals for items available for $20 and less.

Limited Offers

As its category name implies, our Limited Offers section lists short-term sale and discount deals. It is best that you also check this section regularly as it often features deep discounts and even free shipping deals that can save you a lot of money, especially for large furniture orders.