Spring Colour Inspiration

Sherwin-Williams Paint Palette

For Spring 2019, we've got a serious case of the blues. From blue-greys like Riverway and Debonair to the lighter, softer Copen Blue, these hues are soothing, sophisticated and anything but depressing. The moody, greyed tones also edge into greens with Rosemary and Rock Garden. Ready for a brighter spring refresh? Pantone named "Living Coral" the Colour of the Year, so Sherwin-Williams' Ravishing Coral is right on trend. Looking for something a little softer? Try Pink Shadow, for just a hint of pink— an always-flattering favourite, whether you're a millennial or not.

Tips for choosing colours like a pro:

  • Use different shades of the same colour to create depth. Instead of standard white, try painting trim a deeper shade of the wall colour, or use the same hue in a high-gloss finish.
  • Try a satin finish on walls instead of the typical flat finish paint. It gives darker or richer colours more depth, looks more polished, and— bonus points—is easier to clean.
  • In a small, dark room, don't assume you have to go with white or light colours. A darker hue can visually enlarge the space because it makes corners disappear and furnishings pop.

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