Fall Colour Inspiration

Sherwin-Williams Paint Palette

Cool whites with just a hint of grey anchor our Fall 2018 palette. They create a clean, crisp backdrop for bold + brightly coloured furnishings or set the stage for a quieter tonal mix. White is very versatile: Painted on trim, it helps emphasize moldings and architectural character or, painted on walls + trim, it can help hide problem features or create modern simplicity. Against a white background, strong, confident colours like Decisive Yellow, or warm, rich Copper Pot have dramatic impact. Or go softer with shades like Hinting Blue or Pink Shadow, perfect for a bedroom.

Tips for choosing colours like a pro:

  • Use different shades of the same colour to create depth. Instead of standard white, try painting trim a deeper shade of the wall colour, or use the same hue in a high-gloss finish.
  • Try a satin finish on walls instead of the typical flat finish paint. It gives darker or richer colours more depth, looks more polished, and— bonus points—is easier to clean.
  • In a small, dark room, don't assume you have to go with white or light colours. A darker hue can visually enlarge the space because it makes corners disappear and furnishings pop.

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