Sustainable & FSC®-Certified Furniture

Going eco-friendly has become a dire need today, which is why more and more people are becoming more sensitive to and knowledgeable about the issue. When you use environmental friendly products such as recycled paper, you are essentially avoiding further deforestation. In a way, you are preserving the environment by consciously working to curb the effects of global warming. Who would have thought that by simply changing a few things such as using sustainable furniture in your homes and offices, you could be doing your bit towards the environment?


Sustainable and FSC®-certified furniture is a spectacular choice when you are looking for furniture that has as little an impact on the environment as possible. So what exactly is FSC®-certification? Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a forest certification that proves that the timber and other forest products are sustainably sourced. In other words, the forests where these products come from are managed in such a way that the water quality, ecosystem and the biodiversity are preserved. At west elm, we are proud to say that 25 percent of our furniture is sustainably sourced.


Being FSC®-certified is truly a big deal because it is the only system that is supported by Greenpeace, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club, and the World Wildlife Fund. If dining room FSC®-certified furniture is what you are looking for, have a look at our table options that can sit up to eight people. The natural imperfections and rugged texture of this table make it even more appealing instead of taking away from its beauty. You can pair it perfectly with one of our natural fibre rugs. Furnish your dining room with sustainable furniture and you will play a role in protecting the rights of the workers as well as the indigenous people.


Our range of FSC®-certified furniture is not limited to the dining room, you also have a wide variety when it comes to bedroom, living room and office furniture. Looking for more places to store things in the bedroom? We are here to help you out. You can choose between various options in our bedroom section. You can also add a bit of colour and character to your bedroom by choosing one of our range of handcrafted wall decor.


Going green in your office is not as much of a great effort as you think it is. All you need to do is redecorate your office by using FSC®-certified furniture. Use the upholstered benches to create seating and one of our bookcases to store all your books and magazines. You can also build your very own media console that offers plenty of cabinet and drawer space.


When you are looking for sustainable furniture, ensure that you check the credentials of the product. FSC®-certification is regarded as the “gold standard” where forest certification is concerned. So whenever you find FSC®-certified furniture, you can buy it without a moment’s thought.