Cozy Bedding

let's get cozy

Feel like hiding under the covers? We don't blame you. Here are easy ways to make your bed even more irresistible, featuring our newest luxe velvets, soft flannels and more. Plus how to use layers to achieve your #BedroomGoals - and find just the right level of warmth for changing temps.

the velvet touch

Nothing adds instant luxe like velvet. Its plush softness and the way it catches the light and enriches colour make it an ideal statement fabric for your bed. Our velvet quilts and duvets have crinkle textures or stitching details for added dimension. Even better. Our Lush Velvet bedding is all Fair Trade Certified(TM).

the warmth of flannel

If there's one bedding that says "cozy," it's flannel. Our super-soft flannel is not like all the others: It's made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and the fibers are brushed for extra smoothness. It's warm - but lightweight - so it won't overheat you.

Ours is made by a third-generation family business in Portugal, home to the world's finest flannel mills. Use flannel sheets for toasty warmth, or add a flannel coverlet or duvet to any bed for tailored comfort.

the ultimate cozy layered look

1. start with the sheets

Choose whatever fabric you like best, because that's what's next to your skin. They can be flannel for warmth, or organic cotton (sateen sleeps a littler warmer than percale), linen or TENCEL(TM) for year-round comfort. Use matching pillowcases for the pillows you can actually sleep on.


2. add a blanket

Even if you have a duvet, blankets are perfect for lighter-weight warmth on their own, or extra warmth paired with a quilt or duvet. Many of ours are organic cotton, for breathability and easy care.


3. layer on a duvet

Fold your duvet in half or thirds at the foot of your bed, for a full, rich look that shows off the quilt. Or use it to top the bed, especially in winter. Add a second set of pillow shams that math the duvet.


4. top with a quilt

A quilt or coverlet provides a neat, crisp top layer that may be all the warmth you need in fall. We offer quilts in every material - linen, cotton, TENCEL(TM, flannel and velvet - so you can choose your preference in terms of warmth and style.


5. add a pair of Euro squares

These add height and comfort against a tall headboard, and can either match the quilt, or introduce or new colour or pattern.


6. toss a pillow & throw

This is the place to have fun and add some texture, pattern or shine to your bed. Don't be afraid to try a hint of metallic, a spark of colour or a luxe texture line faux fur.


the softness of an upholstered headboard

An upholstered headboard ups the cozy factor of any bed. It's more comfortable for reading or watching TV and creates softness and warmth. We've greatly expanded our made-to-order headboards in a wide range of shapes, heights and fabrics, with details like tufting and nail-heads to create a truly custom bed.

pile on the cozy

The elements around your bed can also help make it sheltering, snuggly escape. Don't forget to add these warming extras.

Candles switch to a richer, woodsier scent for fall and winter, such as palo santo, vetiver, tonka, cedar or sandalwood.

A weighted blanket for the ultimate snuggle, try to Bearaby Blanket, or the new Bearaby Weighted Duvet Insert. You can choose the weight level that feels most comfortable and enveloping to you.



A soft rug is a must for bare feet on cold mornings! If you don't have a room-size rug, try placing smaller rugs on each side of the bed.

Curtains not only block light and provide privacy, they add warmth to your room. Choose velvet to create the soft feel of a cocoon.

don't forget your guests!

They deserve to be comfy too. Stock up on bedding layers (not leftovers!) to make your sleeper sofa as inviting as a guest room. We offer more sleeper sofas than ever, including comfortable gel and memory foam mattresses (on Harmony Modular, Shelter and Urban) and new twin-size sleepers for small spaces.

Pro-tip: Add a mattress pad for extra cushioning.


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