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1. Choose Your Length

Size Matters

A. Apron

Length Shown: 84" panel on 40 x 70 in. window | Falls: 4 inches below sill
Recommended length: 84" | Style: Crisp & casual
Tip: Ideal for windows you open frequently, such as in bedrooms; or where radiators or furniture would block full-length curtains.

B. Floor

Length Shown: 96" panel on 40 x 70 in. window | Falls: ¼" above the floor
Recommended length: 84"- 96" | Style: Polished & pulled-together
Tip: Place your curtain rod higher than the actual window to draw the eye up and make your ceilings look taller.

C. Puddle

Length Shown: 108" panel on 40 x 70 in. window | Falls: 5-8 inches extra on floor
Recommended length: 108" | Style: Formal & lush
Tip: For a romantic look; best in low-traffic rooms without kids or pets.

2. Choose Your Fabric

The right fabric helps set the style and determines the amount of light and privacy. Lighter weaves feel more casual and filter the light, while plusher fabrics read more formal and provide more privacy.


Light Filter Level: Lets in the most light.
Why We Love It: Sheers make a room feel light and bright, but give a finished look and touch of privacy.
Style Tip: Use a double rod to layer sheers under heavier curtains for day-to-night and season-to-season versatility.

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Light Filter Level: Lets in a fair amount of light.
Why We Love It: Casual and easy to clean, cotton panels keep rooms feeling bright and airy.
Style Tip: Choose a geo or embroidered pattern to add interest, or a solid for a simple look.

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Light Filter Level: Lets in moderate light.
Why We Love It: Linen's textured weave feels casual yet tailored and filters just the right amount of light.
Style Tip: Woven jacquards and tonal patterns add subtle dimension to linen, while neutral solids blend into the room.

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Light Filter Level: Blocks most light.
Why We Love It: Velvet curtains feel plush and polished; they also help block cold, heat and light, and dampen noise.
Style Tip: Try velvet curtains on drafty windows or in rooms where you want more privacy.

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Light Filter Level: Blocks light completely.
Why We Love It: Blackout linings can make any fabric opaque for privacy and light-blocking.
Style Tip: A must-have for light-sensitive sleepers, blackouts are also great for nurseries and media rooms.

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3. Choose Your Hardware

All our curtain rods come with mounting hardware and are available in 2-3 adjustable lengths to fit most standard window sizes.

Style Tip: Choose a rod that is 6"-12" wider than your windows to allow room for the curtains to stack when they're pulled open.

Available In: Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, White, Carbon/Brass, and Wood with metal accents.

4. Choose Your Shades

Shades let you stylishly control the amount of light and privacy in your space. They're also easy to layer with curtains and drapes for added dimension and texture.

We offer roman, roller and cellular shade styles—all versatile options for any window. We also carry in-stock and custom shades in 53 different width options (ranging from 20" to 72") as well as 4 length options (ranging from 48" to 84").