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Design Crew

Our spring colour palette with Sherwin-Williams®

Find the right white

White is the can't-go-wrong foundation of most paint schemes, but it can be hard figuring out which shade is the one for you. The main thing to understand about white: Many factors influence how it's seen, from the natural light in your room to your floors and furniture. But that's what we love about it—you can make it your own.

A warm white like Sherwin-Williams Downy SW 7002, shown here, creates an inviting kitchen. Soothing and calming whites like Eider White SW 7014, below, work wonderfully in living spaces. Timeless whites like Ibis White SW 7000, bottom, feel soft and cozy, particularly in dining rooms. A cool white, Spare White SW 6203 is a bright and versatile blank canvas for any space.