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Modern Pillows For Indoor and Outdoor Use

One of the best ways to add personality to a seating area is by layering it with decorative pillows. The modern pillows at West Elm Canada come in a variety of sizes, colours, materials and designs to help you style your living room chairs and sofas. And with outdoor-friendly options also available, you can also bring personality to outdoor seating areas.

Modern Indoor Pillow Covers and Inserts

Versatile indoor throw pillows make a great addition to any surface around the home, including sofas and armchairs in the living room or beds and benches in the bedroom. They also make great additions to entryway benches. The pillow covers are available individually or in sets of two and come in square and rectangular shapes, with a variety of sizes to choose from. Layering pillows of different sizes, shapes and colours make an interesting display in any room.

Most of the pillow covers at West Elm Canada use indoor-friendly materials that will introduce incredible texture to beds, chairs, benches and sofas. You can then add the appropriate pillow accessories to fill out the cover. Options include hypoallergenic down alternative inserts that feature a polyester fill or feather down inserts that use a plump and natural feather fill. Choose from a range of material options for the cover to suit your texture preferences.

  • Handwoven cotton and acrylic blend covers with a chunky knit pattern add coziness to any bed or seating area.
  • Polyester and viscose pillows with a soft, luxurious velvet finish make an elegant addition to your household.
  • Linen and viscose blends offer smooth texture and a relaxed, casually elegant look.
  • Mongolian lamb fur has an ultra-fluffy feel that softens any seating area.
  • Hand-spun silk and cotton pillow covers feel smooth and luxurious against your skin.

Modern Outdoor Pillows

Decorate outdoor lounge areas with modern pillows to make them feel more personalized and inviting. The outdoor-friendly pillows in this collection come in square and rectangular shapes and a variety of sizes to suit sofas, chairs, benches and sectionals. They use durable, water-resistant materials like jute and cotton or all-weather polypropylene to stand up to outdoor weather conditions. The covers are not removable but can be spot cleaned as needed. They're pre-filled with recycled polyester filling.

These pillows are available individually or in sets of two, making it easy to add style to outdoor sofas or chaises on your porch or patio. They come in bright colour palettes and fun designs like nautical-inspired stripes, colourblock patterns or botanical prints. These durable pillows also make a bold impact when they're used to decorate high-traffic indoor areas.

Shop for modern pillows at West Elm Canada to style your beds, benches and seating areas. Choose from a variety of pillow covers sewn of indoor-friendly materials, like cotton, linen and hand-spun silk. Add down alternative or down feather pillow accessories to fill them out. You can also create cozy pillow displays outdoors with the bright, fun outdoor pillows available at West Elm Canada.