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Vases to Decorate Every Room

Whether you've got a green thumb or prefer to use faux florals, you'll need the right vessel to show off your favourite botanicals. The modern vases at West Elm Canada come in a wide selection of sizes, materials, colours and styles to help you show off single branches or full bouquets. And with so many stunning designs available, they'll look just as good with nothing in them.

Modern Flower Holders

The decorative receptacles for flowers in this collection come in a variety of modern shapes, including raindrops, carafes, jugs, beads, squats, pots, tall tapered designs and buds. They're available individually to mix-and-match and in convenient sets of three or more. These modern vases make excellent additions to mantels, tables, shelves, bookcases and other surfaces around the home.

While they're stylish enough to sit on shelves by themselves, you can also fill them with faux branches and flowers or use real plants to add colour to your display. If you're using real ones, make sure you pick a vessel that's watertight. Choose from a range of materials and colours to enhance your living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway or other living area.

  • Ceramic vessels made of earthenware or stoneware come in colours like black, white and other neutral tones, typically with a glossy finish. Ones that feature bold jewel tones or a unique reactive glaze are also available.
  • Glass vessels add minimalist glamour to any room. Options include clear glass, marbled glass, opaque coloured glass or fun ombre glass styles.
  • Metal vessels made of aluminum or stainless steel make a sleek impact. Choose from a variety of modern finishes, including polished brass, polished nickel, gold and antique brass.
  • Stone vessels made of black or white marble add a little bit of luxury to any surface. Since they use a natural material, each piece offers unique colour variations and veining patterns.
  • Wood vessels also offer unique wood grain pattern variations that make each piece special. They're typically crafted of mango wood and come in natural or sophisticated walnut finishes.

Matching centrepiece bowls are also available to match most of these modern flower holders. These shallow bowls make great additions to any dining table look, especially when filled with decorative objects. You can also place one on a table or mantel beside taller vessels to create an eye-catching display. Add extra elements, like candles, to further personalize your room decor.

Shop for vases at West Elm Canada to help you show off everything from real or faux branches to larger plants or full bouquets. Choose from a variety of sizes and design options, available in materials like ceramic, glass, metal or more. These vessels make great additions to any flat surface, with or without botanicals to fill them.