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Creating a Feast For the Eyes With Wall Art

Infuse a pop of visual interest along a hallway or an accent wall with wall art or mirrors. At West Elm Canada, we've curated a collection of modern wall art pieces that bring rich textural design front and center, while our mirrors offer both practical features as well as modern style. Consider other wall essentials as you design the look and feel of your home with our organizing essentials, from shelves to hooks and more.

Wall Art

While you're browsing our selection of wall art and picture frames, consider how you want each to function in your space. Adding a dramatic textured piece to an accent wall draws the eye. Some pieces look best when centered on the wall or with your existing furniture. Select styles come in a set of three or more pieces for rich visual interest. Many of our wall art styles showcase the very best in contemporary design, infusing geometric elements, dynamic textural styles and natural fibers or wood detail.

Showcase important moments with friends and family with picture frames. From a single frame to a set of 15, from wood or metal borders and unique folding or floating frames, you're sure to find just what you need to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience on a wall.


In addition to helping you check your appearance before heading out the door, mirrors can help reflect natural light into darker areas of a room. Based on the angle of the mirror, you can also highlight decorative items in a unique way. Mirrors should never be wider than what you're hanging it over, whether that's a mantel or a dresser. Remember that mirrors can also help to make a space feel bigger.

As you explore our selection of mirrors, consider how you want the mirror to function. A wall mirror or a floor mirror offers practicality while they can also help to give the illusion of being in a larger space. A decorative mirror is great for spaces where you want to show off your creative personality and contemporary aesthetic.

Wall Organization

In addition to wall art, consider other ways to showcase your favorite decorative items or to tidy up floor space by organizing things along the wall. Shelves can bring modern elegance into any room while allowing you to display anything from books to vases, potted plants to picture frames. Shelves come in many styles, including floating, wedge, round and more. Choose from wood or metal styles and continue your sleek, modern look with a shiny antique brass or bronze finish.

Keep other items neat and organized with wall hooks. These are ideal for housing jackets, keys and other items and are great for adding near a front door or in a mudroom. From streamlined mid-century designs to eclectic geometric animal hooks, you're sure to find the right set.

Off the Wall

You've settled on wall art for a blank wall in a bedroom room and a couple of mirrors for your living room, but how else can you make a space stand out? Just as mirrors can help reflect natural light, it's important to think about how else you can illuminate a room. Browse our collection of ceiling lighting to find your next lighting feature. Draw inspiration from nature and bring textural interest to a vase or urn with one of our stems, branches and bouquets. Finally, set your wall art or a mirror apart in a hallway or foyer with entryway furniture. The possibilities are endless at West Elm Canada.