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Finding the Perfect Window Dressing With Curtains

Curtains are a great choice when you want to soften the look of a window, filter light and also maintain privacy in a room. As you explore West Elm Canada's collection, think about how you want your curtain to look in any given space. Materials and textures can make a big difference in how insulating or airy you want a space to feel. Don't forget to keep in mind how the width and length of a drape can affect the area near your window as well, or the design features that colour can bring. Read on and learn about the key features of our curtains.

Colours & Patterns

Lighter colours fare better in rooms that get more natural light, so opt for whites, beiges and other neutral hues in brighter spaces rather than darker colours that are prone to fading in direct sunlight. Consider the design features you already have in place and whether you're looking for something to complement those existing elements or if you want to add crisp contrast.

Our curtains come in solid shades as well as contemporary patterns. Choose from striped ikat, luxe stripe, an etched cloud pattern and more. Some styles feature embroidered texture along with a unique pattern for dynamic visual flair.

Width & Length

Remember to keep in mind how far above your window you want your curtain to hang from. A typical height is around six inches above the top of your window. If you go above that, you can create a greater sense of height in a room. You can either have your curtains fall flush to the level of your floor or finish about an inch above your floor to maintain an elegant look.

When it comes to choosing the right width for your curtains, add four to six inches to your measurements on both sides of the window. Adding extra fabric on either side ensures that you are blocking light when the curtains are drawn, while also ensuring that the curtains aren't blocking the window when they're open.

Material & Texture

Choose the material of your curtains based on how you want your room to feel. Smooth velvet curtains are made from thicker material and offer more insulation than breezy, lightweight linen or linen blends. Cotton canvas curtains are made with a strong, durable material.

Find retro inspiration in a curtain made from candlewick texture or discover the rich visual distinction in a linen-velvet blend curtain. Envelop your living room with the rippled design of the Bark Jacquard Curtain infused with metallic threads for a distinguished sheen or discover how an Echo Print curtain blends Egyptian inspiration with modern flair.

Other Features

Curtains made with a dual top treatment let you choose whether they hang bunched or pleated. Decide on whether you want a blackout lining which is great for blocking light and dampening sounds, a cotton lining or no lining. Finally, make sure you know if you need a single curtain or a set. Select styles give you the option to choose either.

Beyond Curtains

Now that you've found your curtains and drapes, why not dress up other areas of your home? Add a finishing touch to a bed with one of our modern bed skirts and covers. Make a narrow hallway or room look more expansive with one of our mirrors, or bring a dramatic touch to a ceiling with one of our contemporary chandeliers that also illuminates your space.