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Jewelry Boxes, Stands and Other Smart Storage Options

If you love enhancing your outfits with jewelry, you'll need the right storage solutions to keep everything easily accessible. Browse for jewelry boxes, stands, trays and other smart items that are designed to protect and store your accessories and keepsakes. And since they come in modern style options, they'll also look great on dressers, makeup vanities, bathroom countertops and other surfaces.

Classic Decorative Boxes For Jewelry

A decorative box is one of the most commonly used storage solutions for jewelry and small accessories. They typically feature multiple drawers, trays and compartments to ensure even the smallest items are easy to find. Choose from boxes crafted of engineered wood with natural wood finishes or ones that use lacquered wood with opaque, glossy white or champagne coatings. Some jewelry boxes also include decorative elements like modern metal hardware or luxurious velvet interiors. Place one near the spot where you usually get ready in the mornings, so you have easy access to your accessories. You can also add decorative items like vases filled with flowers or fun decorative objects to further add style to your get-ready station.

Jewelry Storage

While decorative boxes are classic, some people may prefer to put their jewelry on display rather than hiding it away in drawers and compartments. If you want to show off your favourite items, there are plenty of jewelry storage options at West Elm Canada that will help you do this. Browse to find items like decorative jewelry stands that you can add to your household or give as gifts to friends and family.

  • Jewelry stands typically feature a tall metal frame that's designed to hold bracelets and necklaces, showing them off and preventing them from getting tangled. Some also offer space at the bottom to store rings and other small items.
  • Trinket trays are perfect for holding your everyday jewelry. Place one on your bedside table so you can safely store your accessories before bed, or on your kitchen or bathroom countertop to act as a convenient spot to deposit them before washing dishes or bathing.
  • Bowls and catchalls are similar to the trays but have taller edges that keep jewelry contained. Create a pretty display in any room with a decorative bowl, candles and other pretty items.
  • Wall-mounted jewelry displays are also available to keep necklaces untangled and earrings paired. Install them on the wall in your bedroom or wherever you typically get ready.

Shop for jewelry boxes at West Elm Canada to help you store necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other small accessories. These decorative boxes come in a variety of materials and colours and look great on dressers, vanities and other surfaces. Mix-and-match with other storage pieces, like stands or decorative bowls, to ensure your special jewelry and keepsake items are well-protected and perfectly organized.