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Shop End Tables at West Elm Canada

Increase the functionality of your living room or bedroom with end and side tables from West Elm Canada. End tables are a great way to complete another furniture by placing a pair on either side of a sofa or arm chair. They make an ideal spot for table lamps or to place a remote or a hot drink. Shop this collection of useful and stylish end tables from West Elm Canada.

Find the Right Look

The key to creating a cohesive, well-designed room is to select pieces that connect with one another either through colour, material or aesthetic. That does not mean they all have to match. Side tables are incredibly versatile and can be used throughout your home to suit various needs. Here are some helpful tips for selecting your next end table:

  • Size is important. If the end tables are on either side of the sofa, their height and depth should be similar to the height and depth of the sofa's arms. If you plan to use them as nightstands, their height should match that of the mattress. It's always better to go smaller than bigger.
  • Shape can determine where you place a side table. If you want the table to fit in a corner, choose a square table. Don't be afraid to mix-and-match shapes. Round end tables can serve as a nice counterpoint to a rectangular coffee table.
  • Feel free to mix materials and styles to add visual interest. Accent a marble coffee table with metal tables. Brass pieces are a great way to enhance the beauty of a wooden coffee table. If the pieces are similar in style, the materials do not have to match.
  • Finally, don't be afraid to mix styles. Pair a traditional sofa with modern end tables. Or place a mid-century-modern chair next to a rustic side table.

Explore Your Options

Look for comfortable and style furniture pieces from West Elm Canada to complete your living room or bedroom aesthetic.

  • Place a comfy arm chair next to your sofa for added seating or use one in your bedroom to create a cozy reading nook.
  • Rest your feet on a plush ottoman after a long day or use it as an extra seat for guests.
  • Bookcases offer convenient storage and display space for your favorite books, photos and keepsakes.

West Elm Canada offers endless possibilities for all your home design needs.