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Enhance Your Space With Bookcases From West Elm Canada

Whether you're a reader hoping to show off your book collection or you're simply searching for some versatile shelving that will fit into your space, bookcases are the perfect pick for your home. Crafted from sturdy and beautiful materials, like wood, metal, glass and more, book shelves are also offered in a variety of sizes and shapes. For small spaces, opt for ladder bookcases. Ladder bookcases are compact and seamlessly fit into nooks or corners that need a quick refresh. You can also opt for book shelves that feature cabinets, so while your books or other trinkets are stored on the upper levels of your bookcase, you can hide away extra items in the bottom, which will help to keep your space looking tidier. Plenty of book shelves also double as focal points for your room, making them an ideal accent piece. If you have a wall that needs a little help, then grab bookcases that are big and feature unique design elements, so that your new bookcase commands attention. From unique metal detailing to glossy finishes, glass panels, mirrors and more, the best modern book shelves are just waiting to come home with you from West Elm Canada.

Accent Pieces That Do More

In addition to book shelves, there are so many pieces of furniture that help to define the look of your space. For a functional piece that also acts as a stunning focal point, be sure to grab a coffee table that stands out from the rest. Choose from a variety of materials for your new coffee table, like wood, metal, stone, glass and more. Featuring many different design styles, from modern to mid-century and others, you'll always find a look that's perfect for your room.

After you've picked out your new coffee table, be sure to add some comfort to your space with help from ottomans. Ottomans are small stools that are ideal for when you need to put your feet up after a long day, and they also double as extra seating in a pinch. Pick from a multitude of styles for your new ottoman, and great fabrics, like velvet, linen, faux leather, twill and more. Ottomans are offered in many stylish colours, so it'll be easy to add the finishing touches to your space when you have help from one of these unique and functional pieces. For furniture and accessories that give your space the elegance it deserves, trust West Elm Canada.