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Add a Touch of Green to Your Space With Indoor Planters

Bring the garden indoors with your very own indoor planters from West Elm Canada. Indoor planters let you get the full gardening experience indoors, so you can garden all year long. Choose from a multitude of sizes and styles for your indoor planters, and find a look that's perfect for your space. Crafted from durable and beautiful materials, like ceramic, ficonstone, wood and metal, choose from indoor planters that are crafted for the floor, your tabletops, your walls and more.

And if you're short on space, you can also capture the unique look of terrariums in your space. Terrariums are miniature gardens that are their own functioning ecosystem. Featuring unique designs and gorgeous sculpted planters, terrariums give you a gardening experience on a miniature scale. And because terrariums are so beautiful, they also act as fun focal points for any space you want to draw attention to. Easy to grow and maintain, a terrarium is a great option for both novice and expert gardeners alike. And even if you're not much of a gardener, West Elm Canada has plenty of both live and faux plants to choose from, so you can get the look you want in your space.

Decorative Accessories For Your Space

Plants and terrariums are just the beginning of the fun you can have while decorating with West Elm Canada. When incorporating plants into your decor plan, it's important to have beautiful bases for them to be displayed on. That's where coffee tables and side tables come in. Crafted from gorgeous materials and offered in a variety of sizes and styles, coffee tables are an essential piece of furniture for your living space. Place your terrarium or other plants on a new coffee table and enjoy how your plants help your table come to life.

Side tables are at home on the ends of your sofa, next to a lounge chair or in a reading nook. These tables are the perfect base for small planters and help to give your space a more refined look. Choose from a multitude of styles and materials for your side tables, like lava stone, marble, metal, glass and more. With your new planters and some gorgeous plants, you can complete the look of your living space with the help of your new side tables. For a decor that stands out from the rest, West Elm Canada has just the furniture and accessories that you need.