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Jute Rugs Offer Durability and Natural Beauty

When considering jute rugs, many automatically picture a heavily textured, natural-coloured, almost rustic-looking floor covering. While there are certainly jute rugs that fit that description, modern jute rugs are available in a wide array of styles. While natural, earthy tones are most common, there is a wide variety in the texture and pattern of natural fibre rugs. Regardless of the style, jute rugs are prized for their sustainability, durability and low-maintenance requirements, all characteristics that make them a popular choice for hallway runners, high traffic areas and homes with children and pets. Since jute is a natural fibre, it is highly absorbent, meaning you'll want to look to other materials for outdoor rugs or doormats.

The Details

Since jute on its own can be a bit rough, it is most often woven with other materials to create rugs with jute's durability and natural beauty and the softness and plusher pile of wool or chenille. The addition of other fibres in varying percentages also allows for more a delicate look and interesting texture variations, which add beauty and warmth to rooms of any style. Since jute rugs are most often found in muted, natural tones, they provide a soothing, neutral foundation for your space. Finally, natural fibre rugs have the added benefit of being eco-friendly thanks to the fact that most are made using recycled and consciously grown materials. Read on for a little bit about some of the jute rugs available at West Elm Canada.

  • Textured Lattice Wool & Jute Rug - This handwoven rug combines ultrasoft wool with sturdy jute for a rug that is both durable and luxurious. The natural colours, lattice pattern and decorative fringe give this rug an elegant bohemian feel.
  • Mini Pebble Wool Jute Rug - This unique rug takes its name from the pebble-like texture that is created when skilled artisans add loops while handweaving. Woven from natural wool and jute yarns, the Mini Pebble Rug is available in four shades, including a rich midnight blue.
  • Chess Weave Wool & Jute Rug - Handcrafted in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory in India, this rug offers a neutral, modern take on a classic chessboard pattern. Woven of 50% jute and 50% wool, it offers incredible softness and maximum durability.
  • Angled Modern Form Jute Rug - Bold colours highlight the striking abstract design of this 100% jute rug. Available in five sizes, this natural jute rug is designed to be shed-resistant and sturdy enough to maintain its beautiful appearance, even in high-traffic areas.