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Elevated Laundry Hampers and Other Laundry Room Essentials

Laundry is one of those ceaseless chores that can quickly become overwhelming if you don't stay on top of it. If you find yourself constantly battling a daunting pile of dirty laundry or overflowing baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away, a little laundry room organization might be just the motivation you need. A well-organized laundry area may help the task feel less onerous. You might also consider picking out a laundry hamper that holds only one washer full of clothes so that the task never feels too daunting.

The Details

West Elm Canada's collection of laundry organization solutions includes a wide range of laundry hampers, wall hooks for hanging items that need to air dry and bins for organizing necessities like detergent, pre-wash spray and dryer sheets. While many of the hampers in this collection are designed specifically for storing dirty laundry, you'll also find oversized lidded baskets that could just as easily hold toys or extra throws in the living room. Read on for more about a few of the laundry organization solutions available at West Elm Canada.

  • Round Weave Water Hyacinth Hampers - Available in small, large or in a set of two, these handwoven baskets come with lids and washable liners. The natural colour and texture of these baskets come from the water hyacinth plant, a rapidly renewable resource that has long been used for making textiles, baskets and even paper.
  • Bamboo Storage Hamper - Streamlined and sturdy, this bamboo and cotton/polyester hamper has a lid for keeping dirty laundry out of sight. The hamper comes in a neutral gray, so it blends well with a number of styles. It also collapses for easy storage when not in use.
  • Bamboo Wall-Mounted Hamper - This handy laundry hamper mounts to the wall with the included hardware, making it the perfect choice for rooms where floor space is limited. The hamper holds up to 11 pounds and comes with a liner.
  • Graphic Woven Lidded Baskets - Craftswomen in Senegal use traditional techniques to weave these baskets from millet grass and recycled plastic. While not specifically designed to function as laundry hampers, these striking lidded baskets serve the purpose quite well.
  • Floating Lines All-in-One Shelf - Perfect for small laundry areas, this all-in-one piece features two shelves for storing laundry essentials as well as several hooks that can be used for items that need to hang dry. Made of steel with a white finish, it comes with mounting hardware.