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Creating Dynamic Visual Texture With Wall Art

Wall art is a great way to add visual interest to blank walls in your home. Whether you're looking for a bold statement on an accent wall or adding a lively lift above a couch, bed or dining area, wall art can infuse your contemporary style in any room. As you explore our range of modern wall art pieces, consider how the textures, styles and materials can enhance the look and feel of your space. Do you want to create soft touches with macrame or felt? Or do you want something dramatic, such as a piece made from hand-cut stainless steel or colourful pieced fabric? At West Elm Canada, you're sure to discover the right wall art pieces to excite and enhance your modern home decor.

Shape & Style

Our wall art comes in a variety of shapes and styles. Choose from industrial, abstract, geometric, fabric and modern designs. Showcase your appreciation of clean lines with wall art that stays inside a frame. Explore your love of the abstract with art that has no formal boundaries and let your creative spirit shine with pieces that feature woven sunbursts, abstract flower petals, arched designs or pendant circles. Solidify your modern wall art aesthetic with geometric designs such as 3-D triangles or ceramic tile art.

Material & Texture

Explore how different materials can create unique textured touches to a wall space. Pieces that use wood or fibres such as wool or paper, tend to bring soft, natural detail to the fore. Beaded artwork, carved stone patterns and shiny inlaid faceted capiz shells exude a vivid dynamism to your space in an inventive way. Other wall art combines materials, such as metal and wood, to create a rich visual experience that blends textures in one piece.


When it comes to colours, we've got just the range to effortlessly fit into your existing design motif or contrast with your room in a bold, impressive way. Choose from sleek gilded and metal designs, shimmery glass styles, soft beige macrame fabric pieces and eclectic colourblock themes. Light tan wood designs let the intricate detail of the piece do the talking, infusing rustic and minimalist themes into your space.

Designing Your Modern Home

Wall art draws the focus and attention upward, but what about ways to bring the eye down to floor level? We have a selection of abstract rugs to keep with your modern theme. Don't let the spaces you simply pass through be forgotten. Jazz up other areas of your home with something in our hallway runners collection. Take your contemporary style outside and bring visual interest to a patio or deck with one of our outdoor rugs.