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Accentuate Your Space With Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors have the unique ability to create the illusion of more space in a room. They can also serve as a dynamic focal point, as well as illuminate decorative elements and pieces from different angles through its reflective glass. Some full length mirrors offer the option to be hung or leaned against a wall. Decide whether to hang it vertically or horizontally depending on the arrangement of your furniture and other decorative items.

Choosing Your Floor Mirror

As you start to shop, consider where you might want to place your mirror and how it might serve your space. Think about the design elements that you already have in place and how your floor mirror might complement them.


Floor mirrors come in a variety of styles. Choose from mid-century variations, smooth arched pieces, oversized designs, deco-inspired themes and more. Opt for the faceted mirror when you want to create more space in a small room. Or, for something a little more streamlined, explore more classic shapes, such as a rectangular floor mirror bordered by thin metal or wood for understated charm.


When it comes to floor mirrors, the border can often be the standout element. From crisp angles to rounded edges to textured masterpieces--a work of visual art unto themselves--you're sure to discover the right border to suit your design motif. Borders are more than their style. Consider the materials you want to infuse in your space. From classic brass to brushed nickel to reclaimed wood and even mixed materials, such as wood and metal, there are many options to choose from when it comes to the look of your border.

While you browse the different shapes and materials of our floor mirrors, consider whether you want any additional elements on your border. Our borders come in solid shades such as light to dark wood tones or shiny metal hues, as well as exciting patterns like the snappy herringbone design or the mango wood and metal inlay featured on our Rays floor mirror.

Beyond Floor Mirrors

You've decided on a full-length mirror, but now what? Lighting can play an integral role in the look and feel of your space, illuminating darkened corners or highlighting wall art, a cozy living space and beyond. When you're trying to maximize space in a smaller home, take a peek at our home organization to find creative ways to display, store and more. Browse our small space furniture solutions where you can continue your modern design theme no matter the size of your home.