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Showcasing Photos & Art Pieces With Picture Frames

Picture frames can make a special photograph or a unique art piece stand out in a bold way. West Elm Canada has curated a wide selection of modern picture frames, including both tabletop and hanging frames, for you to choose from. As you begin to explore our collection, consider the various materials, styles, colours and textures our picture frames are made from and think about how they can be displayed in your home.

Displaying With Picture Frames

As you start to decorate, how many picture frames do you want to include in your display? Adding an odd number of frames together is considered more visually appealing than an even number of frames. Think about how you can best arrange hanging frames based on the shape and size of your wall. We offer frame sets in various quantities for creative arranging in your living room and beyond.

Don't forget to pick the right size of frame for your photograph or artwork. Select styles come in a variety of standard sizes.

Types of Picture Frames

Decide where you want to place your picture frames. Do you want to arrange tabletop frames on a countertop or do you want hanging frames to be a focal point on a blank wall? Some of our tabletop frames come as folding frames or as shadowboxes. Discover unique textured marble frames and sleek free-standing styles.

Hanging frames can often be arranged vertically or horizontally. Many of these frames come in traditional rectangular styles with crisp angled borders. Others are made to hold your photo or artwork between two pieces of acrylic for a simple, streamlined look.

Colours & Materials

What other design elements do you want your picture frames to feature? Our frames come in a variety of colours, from traditional black, white or gray to dappled gold, brass and nickel. Choosing the right colour can come down to whether or not it matches (or contrasts) with the photograph or art piece you've chosen or the look of your room or wall space.

In addition to picking the perfect colour, you'll want to consider the material of the picture frame. Our collection features options made from metal, wood, acrylic and marble.

Modern Touches For Your Contemporary Home

After you've selected your picture frames, consider other ways you can add creative touches around your home. Display your favorite vases, books and even new tabletop frames on our shelves and display ledges. Show off your inner bibliophile with a selection from our books and bookends collection. Make sure your new picture frames are given the right amount of focus and lighting with help from our sconces. Happy decorating!