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Subtle Expression With Curtain Rods

You've chosen your new curtains, but what about your curtain hardware? At West Elm Canada, we've made sure to think of all the details you might want to ensure that the look and feel of your window exudes the same contemporary elegance as the rest of your home. From sleek, modern metal rods to mid-century double rods and more, we've got just what you need when it's time to put the finishing touches on your window treatment for a standout look.

Choosing Your Curtain Rods

With so many options to choose from, we know it can be difficult to pare down your favorites. Consider the key features of our curtain rods to help narrow down your selection, such as:

Types of Rods

First decide if you're opting for something smooth and streamlined or going for retro inspiration. Simple, oversized and contoured metal rods can be easily adjusted to fit the length of your window and are suitable for any room in your home. They're all made from a single rod for a clean yet sophisticated look.

Our mid-century rods pair wood with metal for a charming finish and they boast a telescopic extension to make the length adjustable. Our double rods keep the retro flair on point, while their dual thin and oversized rod design allows you to layer curtains that make an elegant statement.


While you browse our selection of finishes, consider the overall aesthetic of your room and the type of curtain you've chosen. For a mid-century look, you may wish to pick a curtain rod that features both wood and metal. For a modern design, opt for something in polished nickel or antique bronze. We have a range of other finish options too, including crisp white to brushed nickel and classic brass.

Curtain Rings

Our metal rings come with removable clips that can be used on curtains with or without drapery hooks. As you look at the rings, consider whether you want a thin or oversized set. Thin rings coordinate with the double rod (sold separately), while the oversized rings can be used with any of our window hardware. Next, choose what finish you want, keeping in mind the design and style of your curtain rod of course!

All About the Details

Now that you've settled on your curtain rods and curtain hardware, consider what other elements you can infuse into a room. Cultivate your green thumb as you bring a touch of nature into your home with something from our indoor planters collection. Dress up a coffee table or a countertop with decorative accents and sculptures or bring a blank wall to life with an eclectic piece of art. There's always more to discover at West Elm Canada.