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Light & Airy Comfort With Linen Curtains

Linen curtains bring breathable, lightweight comfort into any room. They offer a crisp, clean and natural style and are known for being able to drape well. Curtain linens can help make a room appear brighter while also giving you ample privacy. Explore our collection to discover how linen curtains can complement your existing home aesthetic.

Choosing Linen Curtains

As you explore our range of curtain linens, consider the following features as you narrow down your choices:

Colours & Patterns

From neutral hues, such as whites and grays, to bolder shades like blue, green and orange, there are a variety of colours in our linen curtain range. Think about the overall design of your room as you decide on what colour of curtain you want, and keep in mind that lighter-coloured curtains fare better in rooms that get plenty of natural light as they are less prone to fading than a darker colour.

In addition to colours, you'll discover a variety of patterned options too. Blend textures with a linen and velvet design or a linen and cotton blend. Enjoy something sheer or bring embroidery to the fore with a textured stripe or ladder stripe design. From mélange to ikat to gingham, you'll have no shortage of patterns to choose from when it comes to infusing a touch of visual flair to your curtains.

Other Features

Some curtain styles feature a dual top treatment which allows you to decide whether to hang your curtain pleated or bunched. Depending on the linen curtains you're look at, you can choose whether you want a single curtain or a set. Don't forget to consider the length of your curtain. Most people place their curtain about six inches above the top of the window. The bottom of your curtain can gently drape against the floor. Or, if you don't want the curtains to drag while opening and closing them, they can fall around an inch above the floor.

Creating Your Space

After you've selected your new linen curtains, why not pair them with curtain rods and rings  for a dynamic finish around your window? As you move further into your room, consider other ways to soften the look of a space, particularly around furniture items. Cozy throw blankets lend gentle texture while also providing at-the-ready comfort while you lounge on your sofa. Throw blankets aren't the only way to create an inviting environment. Cast a warm glow with something from our lighting collection and watch your room come together.