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Dressing Your Windows With Velvet Curtains

Express your sophisticated style with the luxurious texture and the flowy form of our velvet curtains and velvet shades. Curtains bring warmth and insulating comfort, filter sunlight and also offer extra privacy to any room. West Elm Canada has curated a collection of velvet curtains that exude timeless elegance. Plus, we've ensured that you have a host of options to tailor your curtains to suit your window space.

Choosing the Right Velvet Curtains

When you're ready to pick out your velvet curtains, it's important to think about the overall design of your room as you decide on the colour, texture and other features. Learn more about what each of the aspects of our velvet curtains can do for the look and feel of your space.

Colour Scheme

Your curtains are what draw a room together, so make sure you focus on the features of your room before choosing your curtain colour scheme. When you're ready to dive in, you'll find a range of colours including neutral tones, such as whites, grays and beiges, as well as darker shades like bold blues and deep greens. Depending on the design features of your room, you may also decide on another hue, such as something in pale pink, yellow or orange.


Next, think about the kind of material you want your new curtains to be made from. We have worn velvet curtains that bring plenty of vintage inspiration to your space, as well as velvet curtains that come with a stylish high sheen. Go for a more subtle approach with curtains made with a matte finish. Cotton velvet curtains are soft and lightweight, whereas our other curtains tend to be crafted from a thicker fabric.

Other Curtain Essentials

Curtains come in varying length options to ensure a just-right fit against your window. Some of our curtains come lined or unlined, or you may wish to include a cotton lining or a blackout lining. A blackout lining helps to block light from entering the room, which is especially useful in a bedroom or a nursery.

Pairing Possibilities

Don't forget to decide if you need a single curtain panel or a pair. Some of our velvet curtains can be purchased either individually or as a set. While you're treating a window (or two) with the smooth velvety touch of our curtains, why not complete the look with something from our curtain rods and rings? You've softened the look of a window, but what about the rest of your room? Adding pillows, throws and poufs can bring cozy vibes to a chair, sofa or a bed, while area rugs can do the same for hardwood floors throughout your home.