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Bringing a Room Together With Curtains

Curtains make an elegant visual statement in a room. They also help filter natural light, soften the look of a window and bring a space together. Certain fabrics and textures can insulate a room, block sound and help maintain privacy. While you explore the window treatments available at West Elm Canada, consider how you want them to function in each room of your home. Do you want flowy curtains in the bedroom or streamlined window shades in the living room? What kind of curtain rods will make a seamless match or provide crisp contrast to your curtains or existing wall colour?

When you're choosing curtains, don't forget to make sure that the dimensions align with your window space. Curtains should fall to floor length or at least no more than an inch above the floor. When it comes to width, make sure to leave about four to six inches of fabric on either side of the window. This ensures that your curtains won't block the window when they're open and that they will continue to block light when they are drawn.


One of the first things your eye will be drawn to is the curtain's style. As you explore our collection, consider how you want the curtain to appear in relation to the rest of your room's design and decor. A colour-coordinated solid curtain can effortlessly blend into the background, while a contrasting hue can make a bold pop against the window and wall. Blackout curtains block light and help dampen sound. They're ideal for privacy and for use in bright bedrooms and little kid's rooms. Bring dynamic visual interest to a room with a patterned curtain. Our selection includes subtle prints, soft textures, snappy stripes and more.


Linen curtains offer a crisp, natural look and are known for being lightweight. Velvet curtains lend timeless elegance to any room with their rich, smooth fabric. Our worn velvet curtains add classic flair, while other styles boast a high sheen for visibility. Select velvet curtains are made from thicker fabric, while our cotton velvet curtains are lightweight. Sheer curtains bring in more light and offer an airy look to your room.

Window Shades

Window shades offer contemporary, streamlined style, and they don't take up as much room as curtains do. The patented AeroLite™ Cordless Lift System makes raising and lowering your shades a breeze. To adjust the shade, simply pull the handle up or down to your desired height and the shade will lock in place. By design, window shades are cordless, making them an ideal pick in homes with children or pets.

Curtain Rods & Rings

Window treatments would not be complete without a curtain rod. We offer a range of styles, from sleek modern rods to mid-century double rods and more. You'll have a host of elegant finishes to choose from, and most of our rods are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit across your window space. Our curtain rings feature removable clips for use on curtains with or without drapery hooks. Our thin rings work with the double rod (sold separately). Oversized rings work with any of our curtain rods.

Finishing Touches

In addition to finding the perfect curtains for your space, why not explore other design elements that can help tie a room together? Explore our bedroom furniture and our living room furniture to find the right pieces to suit each of your room's design theme. Just as curtains can make a window feel cozy and inviting, colourful area rugs can do the same for hardwood floors. Check out our rugs collection to find the perfect pick for a hallway, living room or bedroom.